So this nine weeks in fifth grade in literacy we worked comparing and contrasting.
The base of the study was on John Smith. We worked on finding details in writing
to see if his story was a lie or not. The native american part was not part of the unit.
So that part was to help work with what we were learning. Also we made our
conclusion from all the papers we read on historical web sites that he was a lier.
Then we started to read a book called Chains. I chose Chains because the other book
is about Amelia Earhart. When all of us finished we talked about both books
as a group and we could find out what the other book was about from
people just giving us details. Then we also presented in front of all the gifted teachers.
It was scary but really fun once you got to know the people. Also we made our own wind
turbines with wires and all the stuff.