Mrs. Whites math is the best because she lets us do projects that we cant do in our
class.It is so fun because we our wikis that we do anything like email, upload
videos and pictures and you make like blogs.

Today in Mrs. White on March 17 2010
Mrs.White is helping out with the sol's and we have to work on our wikis and we have to be very quitet too.
Working on our wikis takes time because you have to think what your writing too.

Ok back to today,right now
Im working on Mrs.Whites math class!Mrs. White is the best math teacher I've ever had because she
is very nice to all of us! She lets us do cool projects like make a funny clip that was shown at the film festival.
That was a cool thing in the happening!

Today April 26 2010 in Mrs. White we are in the lab and
we are working are our wikis. I am working on my wiki page Mrs.Whites math class.Mrs.White wants us to make a new page called wiki think.