Fraction, decimals , percents are the same thing except they have different names.They all represent a part of something!
Fractions are shown like this on a computer 1/2 because a computer cant show 1 line then the 2. In
percents and decimals 1/2 is 50% and .5. 9/10ths is 0.9 in decimal numbers.If it is a fraction with the denominater
10 it will be something in the single digets like 0.3. If it is hundredths then it would be like this as a fraction 35/100ths.
The decimal for this number is 0.35 and you say it like 35 hundredths.

Now I will just talk about fractions and adding fractions and mixed numbers. If you were to add a fraction, you would do something like this
3/4 plus 1/4 = 4/4 which = 1 whole.The thing about adding fractions is that the denominater stays the same and if you
you have something like this 13/12 you can do a mixed numbers like 1 and 1/2. The decimal for mixed numbers is like this 2.9 because
you the whole number like 2 and the numerate on the fraction and put them together and you get a decimal with a mixed number!

Now I will talk percents, but I don't know much about them.1/2 is a 50%.1 whole is
100% so if you were taking a test, 1 whole would be an A.(Yeah!)

A fraction represents a part of something.