Fractions Fractions decimals percents
For example 50% is the same thing as .50 and 1/2. In fractions are part of a whole.
There is a a lot of way to group fractions. There improper fractions [8/5]. There
is also proper fractions[4/5]. One thing I was fascinated with was that every fraction
[except improper fractions] had a decimal and a percent.

People use percents a lot. But I think the winners would be teachers.
Teachers use percents to grade test. If you get a 100% percent on a test
you got all the questions correct.OK lets get off about the teachers and lets talk about
the patterns. 25% is the same thing as 1/4. A quarter is the same thing as 25%.
If you have 4 25% that makes a dollar but in percents it makes 100% You
can add them.

Are probably my favorite.
You can add then to get a higher number.