I got this information from my teacher Mrs. Dunsmore. When the early computers were made in the 40's and 50's they used base 2.

Base 2 is way different than base 10 our number system. This system worked

to program to do things like to use the internet.

Back then computers were like 50 dollars, but 50 dollars back then

is 1,000 dollars today. In those days the computers were not as good

as today because they had a lot of of problems.

The problems were like the computer would

freeze a lot and it would shut down when you don't

want it to.

Today computers are much different than computers back then because

they don't freeze has much as they did back then and they don't shut

down when you don't want to turn off the computer. The internet is

much better than it was back then.

Now there is something where you can take it with you, it's called

a laptop. With a laptop you don't have to mess around with all the cords

and you can do every thing you can do with a computer, but they cost

a lot more.

Computers have helped out us through the ages. It's helped us

look up things on the internet and help us talk to each other with

out seeing the person.