This is a topic that will never truely be stopped.

The fact is, you can see the comments without having an acount. Everyday in the US kids who do not understand what these comments mean are seeing all of it. These videos could be great for a learning stand point but the comments are sometimes really bad. There is a very simple solution for this problem. This is my thought and some might think I am byest. I think people without a youtube acount should not be able to see comments or make comments. Being an 11 year old kid, I go on youtube a lot. I do not care to look at comments because I don't know how bad they could turn out to be.

Also these comments will effect if your someone trying to make a career out of singing. I have seen people who are amazing singers question themselfs if they are good. I hope to somehow to get this on the internet and make a difference.

That is what I think. You may have a very different opion or thought. I just hope this problem will be changed in the furtue.