The Comparison of Two Characters

The two characters I am comparing are Samuel and Carrie. Samuel’s book is Blood on the River. The book takes place when the English were making the fort and town of Jamestown in 1607.This book has your ups and downs. Also this book can be a little violent. Carrie’s book takes place in the late 1920s and the early 1930s.The government wants to evict a family out of the Blue Ridge Mountains to built the Shenandoah National Park. The family struggles trying to save their houses.

These characters are a lot like each other. They were both part the main characters. Also they were fight to have something to live for. Carrie is fighting for her house and Samuel is fighting to get his house. Also they were learning from the elders. Samuel was learning from John Smith and was learning from her grandparents. Also they stood up for what the believed in.

But these characters are also different in a lot of ways. For example the easiest one in the book, Samuel is a boy and Carrie is a girl.

Here are some more reasons why they are different. Samuel’s parents have died. Carrie has parents but they are not mentioned a lot in the book. Samuel worked in a settlement while Carrie was a helper to her grandparents. Also Samuel was a servant. Carrie was not used for work like Samuel. Also Samuel lived near the water. Carrie lived in the mountains. This next difference is most likely the easiest on to spot out. Samuel lived in the 1600s and Carrie lived in the 1930s. That is a difference of 330 years.

Over all these books give a lot of detail of what happened during that time period. These characters can be alike but then different. I hope you read this book and find the same things.