Good Things- Well I have a wiki for 2 years. It is good that we have wikis because it is ''open'' learning. The reason why it is open learning because Ms.White tells to go to a website and explore the information that is there. We can learn by stuff we heard in class put it up here for other kids to see and learn. For example if a kid from Florida they would want to learn about what our history. The one bad thing is that the state you are in you only learn about the history in the state that happened. So if I posted a page about history and say the person who visits the wiki is a history lover they can learn about our history and not there's. Also with blogs we write and learn about grammar. Just the other day I was writing a story and it had conversation.Ms.White said that I should capitalize the start of the conversation. I think kids around the world should have wikis and blogs.

Bad Things- The worst thing about wikis are the things you put on them. Now I know some kids have wikis for no reason,but they should not put bad things.

I think kids should have the person who made the wiki watch over the kid using it.The worst thing I have is a video that has animals talking. Other kids have videos of people cursing thing there all cool but they are NOT! The bad thing about blogs are the ''openness''. It is not like wikis because you cant make pages but you can make post. I put up pictures but I never tried to put a video up on a post. This is a link to my

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