Last spring break i went to Washington D.C. Our family went to the
Smithsonian museum.We wanted to the air in space museum and WW2 museum to .
We only got to see the WW2 museum but, we still had fun because the WW2 museum was
big! When it was lunch time we went to the lunch court. My mom is Greek and they had a Greek
food stand so we decided to buy from it. I got a chicken sandwich and my brother did and my dad
did too. After lunch we went back to the museum and stayed for another hour and then left. After that
we to the Lincoln Memorial. There is a big lake in front of it we took a picture of my brother
and I ,the lake was in the back round. When we were done with that we went to see the
White House. There were two guys on top of the White House,they had guns because they
were protecting the president Obama. We went to the subway to go to the parking lot where we
parked. We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel. It was very good. We got got home around 10 o'clock.
This spring break we are going to Baltimore. I hope we have more fun this than last year!

From Tyler

If you were to go to D.C I'd recommend that you should go to the Smithsonian!