Concepts- What is the main idea?

Well the main idea is how Grandpa is being forced out of his house. He is being forced out of his because the government wants to build a national park there. This because of eminent domain.

Connections- How does it connect to what we already know?

Before we read the book we got some papers that told us about eminent domain. Most did not have a clue what eminent domain is, some of us did. Also we knew that the government would pay you money for what they think your property was worth. In the book Grandpa got offered 5 thousand dollars. The book took place during the Great Depression. So that was a lot of money. Also when I read this book I thought about how the government encamped people in prisons in WW2. This is what I connected throughout the book.

Challenges- What do we find challenging?

The most challenging thing to me was the government trying to move Grandpa out of his house. In the book it felt like two to three weeks Grandpa fought the government to stay in his house.

Changes- How have our actions and attitudes changed as a result.

When I first started to learn about the government, I thought the government was a great thing. But once I started to learn about the government in depth I was starting to find out that the government would do things that were really bad. The government is wrong to make people leave there houses because the government wants to make something.

I hope the government does not see this!