This book is how a girl finds a dog and wants the dog. The mother dies and the younger girl has day dreams. The girl becomes a friend to the dog and gets a big dinner but it gets mess up. I hope you read this book because it is really good.

The Giver is one of the most amazing confusing book I've ever read. A kid in a world that is not real. He gets picked to be a special person. Then he gets a lot of training to do his job. Hi makes big decisions for the world he is in. I would really recommend this book!

Well this week I finished a great book. The book is called Grandpa’s Mountain. When my teacher handed me this book she said ” this book will make you mad at the government”. When I heard this I thought she was wrong. But she was not. This book was trying to move a family. But the family stays until they cant stay anymore. I hope you will read this book!!!!