Well for my project I decide to make a blog post and a wiki page and an iPod video. This what I wrote for the script.

My object could have been made out plastic. We have found this object with a lot with plastic .

The object looks rather odd with its wierd shape. It could have multiple colors on the end. It feels very smooth and very slick. Sizes can range from 3 feet to 4 feet.The object can be rather light and durible.There are no parts that can be moved in thus object.There looks like there is a wierd looking logo of some sort. Now can you tell what my object is?

This object could have had multiple uses back then. It could of been used for outside activitey. Also it could have been used in the kitchen for holding various tipes of large to medium size objects. It could have been used for holding chiken,pots, pans, ect. People such as chefs to regular people could have used this object a lot because of the multiple uses we have found for it. It could have been used outdoors or inside the kitchen. It could have been used inside at night and it would have been used all the time the sun was up outside. Now can you tell what my object is?

This object shows that it could have been man made but it would not look like very good. It shows that technology was advanced at the time. People who made this object could have liked this job or not. A similer object could be a lacross stick.Now can you tell what my object is.

This is the script that will be said in the video, you may follow along as the video goes along.